NergalDestruction-Evil-AutumnPrince of ContractsThe traits "Approachable" and "Unfriendly" have an modifier of +1Has a 20% efficiency bonus for catastrophes and 50% bonus for debuffs from orders.20.58
NyamaForest-HuntingChaperon of the Forest and the HuntThe trait "Natural Attack" is free once per race.When under the condition "Prosperous Hunt" worshipers get additional +3% bonus.69.94
ChlorisPlants-SpringLe Grand BoisThe trait "Skilled (with plants)" cost 1 point less.Once per 3 rounds, he/she can create a non-sentient creature (plant) on a random tile. Receive "Blessing of the forester" (2% increased fertility) for 3 rounds on all his/her worshipers.18.92
AuraAirthe Wind of ChangeThe traits "Fly" and "Nomad" cost 1 point less.Has an additional order to send to his/her worshipers every week.61.85
Yog-SothothTrickery-Luck-ChaosLord of EntropyHas a 50% chance to receive 3 additional Divine Power and 40% to receive 2 less.Once per round he/she may give an additional order - to the worshipers of another god.36.16
PhlegethonFireThe Undying PyreAll Elemental Traits cost or award 1 point less.Provides an additional 50% bonus effects on miracles.59.29
LexandraTime-LawKeeper of Chronos and Warden of the LawThe trait "Prophetic Ability" costs 1 point less.Once per round, he/she may choose a god, include himself/herself to either give them Haste or Slow. Haste gives the god one of his next round orders to take effect this round, while Slow makes one random order take effect on the following round.31.67
OvergodsAllEverything  0.00
NoxBetrayal-CorruptionPrime of Betrayal and CorruptionThe trait "Immoral" costs -4 instead of -3.Ξ€here is a 30% chance to negate any Protect, Prevent or Mirracle order against his own.48.32
PersephoneDeath-Moon-WinterThe Ripper Undear the MoonlightThe trait "Change Shape" can be taken for free once per race but is comes with the trait "Lunacy" if the option is taken.Once per round, he/she must pick a tile. Creatures on that tile suffer double natural mortality for a round. Failure to select a tile, results to the tile with the most of his own woshipers, to be targeted instead. Cannot choose the same tile two rounds in a row.48.37
AtlasStrength-WarGod of Strength-WarAll Physical Ability Aptitude traits cost 1 point less.Receives a 30% bonus when it comes to orders related to war. Twice during a round, he/she may choose to reduce the bonus to 10% in order to provide a 20% bonus on a side during a conflict.66.27
MachiavelcroCommunity-FamilyGod of Family and CommunityThe trait "Pacifist" costs -3 instead of -2. Additionally, the trait "Warmonger" cannot be chosen.When his/her worshipers are Settled they gain +2% fertility.49.75
FreyaTrade-TravelGoddess of Travel and TradeThe trait "Diplomatic Prowes" costs 1 point less.Once per round, he/she may interfer between two gods who are trying to form a deal. Doing so increases the cost by 20% and 10% goes to himself. He may partake on the deal himself.21.51
AmanoVoid-Emptiness-StarsMisstress of Void, Emptiness and DarknessThe traits "Approachable" and "Unfriendly" have an modifier of +2Once per round, he/she may pick a god. This god loses one of his/her orders this week.43.75
AzeriaWeatherGoddess of the Weather and the Sky, the one that colors and engulfs EverythingThe trait "Resiliency" costs 1 point less.Can once per round alter the climate on a location. The alteration lasts one round and cannot be targeted in 2 rounds in a row.52.76
GearCrafts and InventionThe incompleteThe trait "Skilled (Crafts)" costs 1 point less.His/her worshipers get a 10% equipment bonus.38.07
NyerothMagicPrime of MagicAll Magical traits cost or award 1 point less.Has a 10% additional chance that his/her worshipers develop magic and a 20% bonus when they use magic.19.77
OrabelleKnowledge-WisdomBorn of Knowledge and WisdomThe Mental Ability Aptitude trait cost 1 point less.He/She has a chance of knowing events (Orders, conversations between gods, results)16.12
IsiloAnimalsGod of Animals and BeastsThe traits "Animal Magnetism" and "Tracking" cost 1 point less.Once per 3 rounds, he/she can create a non-sentient creature (animal) on a random tile. Doing so provides the "Blessing of the hunt" (2% increased fertility) for 3 rounds on all his/her worshipers.24.74